How to delete duplicate pictures from Nikon camera?

Digital cameras are integral parts of every professional photographer or those who have passion towards photography. In this reference, Nikon digital cameras are very popular among them as they produce high quality images. Generally, it counts more that hundred of photos in a session when photographer or Nikon camera owner attends a marriage party, family function or goes to long trip. Because of unmannered saving of photos, often duplicate file gets saved in the camera and this mistake becomes a problem when user encounters low memory space in Nikon camera. So it is very important to keep your Nikon camera free of duplicate photos.

From the time you owned Nikon camera, you have captured and saved many images on to the camera memory and unfortunately you find a number of identical photos in camera. There are a few situations where accumulation of duplicate photos is possible. If you are aware of these situations, you can easily avoid this problem of duplicate photos. Actually, after connecting Nikon camera to the system when user manages photos or performs operations on photos that are saved onto Nikon camera memory often mistake takes place and user end with copying same photo on different folders.

Similarly, viruses are also concerned for this calamity. These very clever programs that have tendency to modify internal structure of files and also are equally responsible for creating replica of photos on to camera memory. Generally these viruses enter in you Nikon camera when it is connected to a virus infected system. Moreover, we often use Nikon camera SD card in different devices that is also a countable factor of virus attack. So, it’s better to scan Nikon camera memory with an effective anti-virus program regularly. However, when duplicate photos are already present then the only option remains with you is to find and remove duplicate photos from Nikon camera.

Today’s modern world of technology has made everything very easy. In your busy life and tight schedule, you don’t have to spend valuable time in sorting duplicate photos through hundreds of images. Change your busy track and take a smart way. Yes, Remo MORE is an advanced duplicate photo finder that offers powerful scanning algorithm to recognize and delete duplicate pictures from Nikon camera. This software is not only meant for removing duplicate photos from a long range of professional digital cameras from Nikon but also helps you to delete duplicate NEF files from SD, SDXC, xD, SDHC, CF memory cards and other type flash memory chips. You can launch this app on all major Windows and Mac OS X computers and laptops to remove duplicate images from Nikon cameras.

Steps to remove duplicate photos:

Step 1: Install this duplicate finder app on your system and connect the Nikon camera to it. Launch this app and select "Optimize" option then click on "Remove Duplicates" option from main window as shown in fig 1.

Remove Duplicate Photos from Nikon Camera - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: Now, mark check box indicating image files and click on scan option to start search of duplicate photos on Nikon camera.

Remove Duplicate Photos from Nikon Camera - Select File Type

Fig 2: Select File Type

Step 3: After completion scanning, you will get a list all duplicate photos on a separate window. Now select Delete Permanently option to remove duplicate photos from Nikon camera.

Remove Duplicate Photos from Nikon Camera - Scanning Result

Fig 3: Scanning Result